More About Team Mynd

Founded in August 2020, Mynd aims to psychoeducate people about the importance of mental health and destigmatize availing therapy. Our network of experienced professionals bring to you pocket-friendly and qualitative therapy services.

Distressful times and disconnectedness negatively impact our mental health. Our aim is to create a safe space to learn, understand, share views and seek help for mental health related concerns.


• Normalising seeking mental health care and creating the opportunity for all.

• Building a community of empathetic, supportive and
experienced professionals.

• Creating a platform that one can reach out to for
personalised services in times of distress.


• To increase the accessibility of mental health care.

• Promote a community understanding of mental health concerns.

• Provide high quality healthcare at pocket friendly rates.

• Create a confidential, trusted & safe environment for
everyone at Mynd

A Priority, Not A Privilege

Pocket friendly therapy

Mental Health care is a priority, not a privilege. Our network of professional psychologists & psychiatrists offer quality therapy and consultation services at discounted rates!

Professional Therapists

High quality therapy services, tailored to your needs at discounted rates! One that fits perfectly in your tight student budget.

Safe space to talk

A non judgemental, unbiased, safe
and warm space for everything
on your mind.

We Are Here For You

Diverse skill-sets, oozing creativity, consistent efforts & an intense desire to de-stigmatize mental health & it’s care;
presenting to you the three minds behind Mynd.

Aayushi Shah


“The day people talk about and confront mental health issues, therapy, seek help for themselves & make it a part of their lifestyle, is the day my goals would be fulfilled.”

With a passion to help and contribute towards people’s lives, Aayushi aims to invest her learnings towards the growth of mynd and help as many people as possible.

Preet Bhatti


“There is a need to acknowledge the importance of investing in yourself, mentally & physically – time, resources, energy, everything!”

With a strong sense of empathy and desire to help individuals gain the guidance they require, Preet approaches her contributions towards Mynd in a realistic and creative way.

Varnika Hathi


“The aim is to create a community. A community of those who provide help, and those who seek it. When people know there’s a place they can go to in times of need, our aim will be fulfilled.”

With a focus on psychology in the digital world, Varnika believes in extending the services of Mynd to as many people, making it as accessible as possible!