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Along the way, we have collaborated with different groups of people and organizations to work towards a stigma free society.

Mynd would love to know how we can work together towards spreading awareness and creating a positive change. To explore collaborations with Mynd, kindly email us.

We marked the mental health awareness month with our first campaign, The Journey Within. The aim was to promote a culture of reflection, introspection, and understanding of one’s own mental health.

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The Journey Within

Mynd collaborated with The Movement Hub, a dance community and hub,on World Dance Day. Our psychologist, Ms. Vedika Sukhatme, discussed the importance of artists’ mental health and a Therapeutic Movement Session was conducted by Ms. Juvena Ajwani, a Dance Movement Practitioner.

The Movement Hub

As one of India’s largest student communities that provides a platform for students to learn new skills and network with peers, Blue Learn addresses the importance of mental health care amongst students. Our work with the organization consisted of conducting a workshop on “Coping with Stress and Anxiety” for the students of the Blue Learn community during exam season. We focused on factors that may increase stressors, signs & symptoms to look out for and coping techniques to deal with the same. Having addressed a variety of questions that reel in the minds of the student community, our association with Blue Learn contributed towards a significant cause.

Blue Learn

SANA stands for Sustainable All Natural Alternatives and broadly focuses on promoting and inculcating a sustainable lifestyle. Our collaboration with SANA mainly focuses on how achieving and practising a sustainable lifestyle positively affects your mental health. Through their natural, organic and healthy products such as unsweetened iced teas, Mynd will be highlighting the importance and benefits of such ingredients on one’s mental health.

SANA Health First

Emerging Yuvas is a non-profit organisation based in Pune and aims to spread mental health awareness to students and young adults mainly in the marginalised societies. It has also been recognized by Shree Narendra Modi in Mann Ki Baat, 2017. They aim to offer therapy and psychoeducation not only to the educated, but also the marginalized communities who are not aware of mental health and therapy but can deeply benefit from the same. Through this collaboration, Mynd joins hands with Emerging Yuvas to execute it’s plan of psycho-educating and providing therapy to the needy free of cost. The fee for the service is covered by fundraising. Any individual looking for professional help is directed to mynd after which they are connected to a psychologist on board to help them gain the professional help they need.

Emerging Yuvas Pune

As an initiative that caters to efforts and actions that promote sustainable and environmentally conscious living, addressing mental health concerns associated with the environment was another one of their strides. Mynd’s collaboration with Sustainibilitea focused on aspects of eco anxiety and how climate change as a concern is not limited to the environment but goes beyond it.

Sustainibilitea - Us for future

Project Baala is an impact-oriented menstrual health solutions provider operating out of Delhi in India. They work specifically with marginalized and vulnerable communities of the country. Through our collaboration, we aim to expand our reach and wish to psychoeducate those in the marginalised communities about mental health aspects during menstruation. We further aim to build a curriculum for girls in the marginalised societies and rural areas in the same direction.

Project Baala

Centred around mapping memories, Pine & Lime essentially focuses on building relationships. Our work with them will aim to start a conversation about the how relationships can be nurtured and the psychological effects of troubled relationships! With our professionals on board, who also focus on relationship counselling, our role will include providing a psychological and wellness approach around relationships - be it families, friendships or any other relationship!

Pine & Lime

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