Confidentiality Treaty

Dear Client, as per your request for online therapy, following is your informed consent form. Please go through it and let us know if you have any questions.


As an organization, Mynd only connects you to a suitable therapist and has no knowledge of what is discussed in the sessions. Information shared between the client (you) & the therapist (assigned therapist) during all your sessions shall remain confidential unless you indicate to them that you plan to harm yourself, or harm somebody else. In which case, after informing you, the therapist will have to notify a psychiatrist or other appropriate authorities (parents/guardians) to ensure yours/others’ safety. The therapist will not be liable for any breaches of confidentiality caused by the client’s error.


The relationship between you & the therapist will be strictly professional. In order for therapy to be effective and meaningful, it will be necessary that you do not share a personal or a social relationship outside of therapy. 

Video/Audio-call sessions/Technical obstacles to communication:

Sessions will be conducted via audio call or video call on Zoom/Gmeet. Technical difficulties, audio/video lag, or disconnections may occur during session time limiting the meaningfulness of a therapeutic session. Note for the monsoon season: During heavy rainfall/thunder, the internet connection may fluctuate during a video call. Due to the therapist’s inability to predict the weather conditions in advance, it will be necessary to continue a session via audio call (not on personal contact number) if the above interruptions occur during a video session. Personal phone calls between the client & therapist are prohibited. 

Appointments/Session time

Each session will be for 50-60 mins. A confirmation email shall be sent to the primary client’s registered email ID prior to the appointment. 


The fee for each session will be Rs.700 for students, Rs.1200 for non-students and Minors. Payment shall be made via online Bank Transfer / Google Pay / UPI / Debit or Credit Cards. The payment must be made at the time of booking your session.

Cancellation Fee:

In case the session needs to be cancelled/rescheduled, the client must do so a minimum of 12 hours prior. A no-show/ inability to meet the conditions will inflict a penalty of 100% of the amount payable for the therapy session.

I understand the terms and conditions by Mynd with respect to a session with a psychologist/psychiatrist. By signing this consent, I agree to abide by its content. I may withdraw from treatment at any time by notifying the Mynd team and the concerned professional. I have enrolled myself for a therapy session with Mynd on my own accord and voluntary will. The members of the Mynd team will not be held responsible in case of any extremities like harm to self or others.